Frankiesbyfb is a clothing brand founded in 2018 by @FranciscaBruinsma.

In 2018 I started frankiesbyfb at the age of 17 and soon I was able to turn my hobby into my job. The idea arose from my enormous passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. My father has been an entrepreneur all his life and is a great inspiration to me. The name Frankiesbyfb originated with inspiration from my own name Francisca Bruinsma, all my friends always call me Frankie. The clothes are a twist of my own style and the latest fashion trends, I strive every day to bring out high quality clothes and jewelry for fashion lovers all over the world. You can also find me on youtube under the name Francisca Bruinsma where I upload weekly weekly vlogs in which I give a look into my life as an entrepreneur and more fun videos!